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Duplicates and Uniques let's you find any duplicate or unique items in your board and perform different actions on them. You can also save templates to run to later.

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Duplicates and Uniques Pricing

Simple pricing plans.

2 months free!


14 days free trial


Tax exclusive

  • Unlimited boards
  • Unlimited groups and columns
  • Multiple filter options
  • Process up to 5,000 items at a time
  • Save up to 500 templates


14 days free trial


Tax exclusive

  • Unlimited boards
  • Unlimited groups and columns
  • Multiple filter options
  • Process up to 20,000 items at a time
  • Unlimited templates

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How many users can use a subscription?
As many users in your Monday.com account. 😉
How many items can be processed at a time?
The number of items that can be processed at a time is determined by your subscription.

For example, if you on the Starter plan and select a board which contains 6000 items and then click on the "Complete" or "Save and Complete" button, the app will show an error because the amount of items to be processed exceeds your subscription items limit, which is 5000
Can't see my group in the dropdown?
Empty groups are automatically filtered out in the first step but can be found in the last step in Move or Copy.
Can't see my created column?
If the column is not visible after creating it through the app, navigate to a different board and back to the original board or refresh your page. The column will appear.
Are all columns supported?
All columns are supported except file and auto-calculated columns.
Here is a list of auto-calculated columns:
  • - Progress tracking column
  • - Auto number column
  • - Item ID column
  • - Last updated column
  • - Creation log column
  • - Formula column
My items are not updating?
For large number of items, it may take some time to update all the items on the board.
Do you offer discounts to non-profits?
Yes we do. Click here to request for one.
I have more questions
Write to us at support@kolaai.com or using the chat widget at the right corner.
We promise to get back to you.